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7/15/2018 - Lee Reynolds
7/15/2018 - Don Grear
7/23/2018 - John & Sandy Fisher
7/25/2018 - Dan Null
7/25/2018 - Jeff Allen
7/26/2018 - John Henry
7/29/2018 - Braden Schaeffer

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 Typically we will post only Sunday AM services.
Wes McAdams3/29/2018
Lesson 7 - I'm Not Good at that

Wes McAdams3/28/2018
Lesson 6 - That's Not My Job

Wes McAdams3/27/2018
Lesson 5 - I Disagree with you

Wes McAdams3/26/2018
Lesson 4 - Don't Judge Me

Wes McAdams3/25/2018
Lesson 3 - I'm a Sinner

Wes McAdams3/25/2018
Lesson 2 - God Knows My Heart

Wes McAdams3/25/2018
That's just your interpretation

Val Roxby3/11/2018
AM Service

Val Roxby3/4/2018
AM Service