April 2019
 APR. 7  APR. 14
Brent Fisher In Charge of Services Scott Baker
 Harold Dailey      Song LeaderTerry McCort
 Jeff AllenOpening Prayer  Tim Powell
 Jim Andrews Lord's Table Andy Sellers
Luke PowellScripture Reading  A.M./P.M. Charlie Carpenter
 John Fisher  FoyerBrent Fisher 
APR 21. APR. 28
Jim AndrewsIn Charge of Services  Tim Powell
 Brent Fisher Song LeaderBrad Wilson 
 Val Roxby Opening Prayer Scott Baker
Jeff Allen Lord's Table Charles Carpenter
 Harold Dailey Scripture Reading A.M./P.M.Andy Sellers
Larry WillisFoyer Mark Douglass
                  SERVER'S AT THE TABLE:  1-----2-----TABLE-----3-----4 
1.  Terry McCort3.  Luke Powell 
2.  Brad Wilson 4.  Jim Moore 
APR. 7Brent Fisher  Harold Dailey 
 APR. 14 Scott BakerTerry McCort
APR. 21 Jim AndrewsBrent Fisher
APR. 28 Tim PowellBrad Wilson